Founded in 2013, Geo_ID is an interdisciplinary design studio creating new identities and unique spaces. With a team of young creatives from varying design fields, the studio develops unique narratives focusing on revolutionizing all aspects of design, from the brand identity to visually and spatially harmonious interiors. Fitted accordingly to the specific needs and requests of their clients, Geo_ID covers all creative levels that are necessary to bring identity and soul to each design.

Mahmut Anlar studied architecture at the Fine Arts Academy of Mimar Sinan University and co-founded GeoMIM in 1991. Having completed extensive work for more than two decades in the field of interior design including numerous bars, restaurants, night clubs, cineclubs and wellness centers; his name became a trademark as the architect of public entertainment while the spaces he designed turned into the leading venues of night life in Istanbul. Exceeding the boundaries of interior design in various ways along the way, in 2013, together with Tugce Rizeli, he established Geo_ID broadening the spectrum of his practice into the world of multisensory interdisciplinary design.

Tuğçe Rizeli undertook a degree in Architecture at Yildiz Technical University and continued her studies at Politecnico Di Milano. Joining GeoMIM in 2009, links between architecture and interior design has been a driving force; creating projects with subtle transitions between disciplines with a spatial design attitude that always searches the essence. Since 2013, Rizeli’s vision fuels the development of the design studio’s creative projects. Still in her thirties, Rizeli has a slew of acclaimed projects under her portfolio and apart from her professional studies, she gives lectures and participates in design studio jury panels in various universities in Turkey.